Osmond Saint Signature Marine Collagen Hydrating Serum

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Hello Glow!

Born from the desire to make a positive impact on the world by giving back and to achieve ultimate skin calmness! Osmond Saint’s signature serum is formulated using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to bring balance and calm to your skin. Filled with superfood ingredients such as mineral rich Marine Sea Algae, Aloe Vera, Cucumber Essence and calming Chamomile plus environmental warriors UV repair and Blue light block.

Made to protect, soothe and hydrate your skin barrier, giving you the ultimate calming glow. This serum is a fire extinguisher for sensitive and irritated skin.
Effective and gentle enough for the whole family.

With every purchase Osmond Saint is donating 33% of its profits to B1G1 where 100% of the proceeds go towards giving projects.

Usage: Morning, night, post laser, after sun or as often as you feel the need.

• Made in Australia • Not Tested on Animals • Vegan • Unisex •


Chondrus crispus Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cucumber Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Juice, Butylene Glycol, Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Fruit Extract, Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) Extract, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol (paraben and formaldehyde free preservative for the actives, COSMOS approved)

Key Actives:

Marine Moist
A moisturizing agent, healing agent, protecting agent, softening & texturing agent derived seaweed extract. It imparts unique sensorial effects to skin and hair. The light, silky/satiny film instantly hydrates, cools and soothes skin, leaving it feeling moist and refreshed. Boosts skins Collagen Production. A true Marine Collagen.

A natural plant source ingredient which can relieve the discomfort (stinging, itching, burning etc.) of skin. It is extracted from green fruits of Citrus reticulata and contains various flavonoids and alkaloids. It could effectively inhibit the activation of TRPV1, and consequently reduce extracellular calcium influx, relieve discomforts of sensitive skin caused by different stimulus.

Urbluray MS
A fully restorative material from a natural plant source. The core ingredients come from Medicago sativa (Alfalfa) from Tibet, China. It is a safe and efficient anti blue light material, which can not only defense against blue light, but also repair the skin damage caused by blue light and UV.

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22 reviews for Osmond Saint Signature Marine Collagen Hydrating Serum

  1. Hayat

    This serum immediately helped my redness. My new go to product that I use each night before bed. Game changer!

  2. Taylah

    This serum is perfect. I suffer from perioral dermatitis and overall dry, sensitive and reactive skin so I was a bit nervous trying a new product. Its been so calming on my skin, haven’t had any reactions and its stopped my breakouts too. Must try.

  3. Diana

    I have been using this serum for the last three months, travelled with different climates and environments. It has helped my dull skin to look much brighter, less oily pores in my t zones giving me a more even texture and overall glow. My age is 47 and I wouldn’t believe a product could improve my skin in all areas of my face. I suggest woman after 40 not to look for anti – ageing products full of chemicals instead using clean skincare and enjoy the results everyday. As a spiritual teacher, this works in line with my values and highly recommend others to also try.

  4. Claudia

    Such a good product, love all the ingredients and overall really notice the overnight repair when I was off my serum in the morning.

  5. Stefan

    As a guy I was a bit sceptical with the unisex claims but all the ingredients are so fresh and soothing for my acne prone skin.

  6. Sylvana

    Ok, seriously my skin was in some bad condition. I stopped taking care of it after I had kids. I had no time, I felt like it was pointless.. my eyes were dark from the sleepless nights, my skin was extremely dry and lacked luster and I had blemishes on my face. When applying it. This product makes your skin extremely soft. After 2 weeks of using this, I must say I am absolutely amazed. My skin is tight and hidrated. I see improvement in my dark circles and under eye wrinkles. It has tightened my upper eye and decreased the blemishes.. I am very pleased with this purchase and will get some more when I see to im running low.

  7. Penny

    Luxurious, miracle serum – a little goes a long way! Easy to use alone or under make-up, no residue – just leaves my face feeling smooth and hydrated. A wonderful fresh scent, it’s like a mini facial in a bottle – it is now an essential part of my daily beauty routine


    Absolutely wonderful product. Incredible results after a short period of use. Recommended by a friend who was adamant it was an absolutely fabulous product and I definitely had to try it. Have not used a lot of products before but will definitely be using this from now on. Will be looking further at the range available. Highly recommended. A+++

  9. Linda

    If you looking for something natural and close to the Mother Nature this is your serum. I have a very sensitive skin and I have tried many different serums in the past which caused reaction on my skin. I have been using Osmond Saint Marine Collagen for the past month and I’m amazed by how my skin absolutely LOVES this SERUM. The ingredients it’s all what my skin needs. Forever THANKFUL to Osmond Saint.

  10. Klaudia

    Amazing hydrating serum!
    Being really lazy with my skincare, a 7 step routine won’t do for me. Instead, using just the Marine Collagen Hydrating Serum has really helped to maintain my skin’s elasticity. I find it works just as good in summer, as a much needed hydration after the sun and winter to prevent dry skin.

  11. Laura

    My all time favourite! I’ve been using this product for a few months and my skin looks amazing. I use this religiously throughout the day, especially on warmer days. Love the calm and soothing effect it has on my skin!

  12. Tash

    I want to start by saying that this product is truly life changing. I have tried just about every ‘natural’ product on the market to heal my sensitive and acne prone skin, and nothing else calms, moisturises or soothes my skin like this serum. I have received so many compliments since I have been using it and my skin is finally in a place I can confidently go without makeup. For extra cooling effect I will sometimes chill in the fridge before I apply. I am annoyingly pedantic with what i put on my skin so I researched every ingredient. It is such a relief to have a product that is effective and contains natural ingredients that work at a therapeutic level.

  13. Angela Martin

    What an incredible product

    I have used this for 2 months now and the results are amazing !!!

    My skin has never felt smoother, softer and hydrated

    Truly an amazing product even for the over 60 age group

    I am not even wearing make up on some days as my skin looks fantastic
    I cannot recommend this product enough

    Try it for yourself and be amazed !!!

  14. Suzann

    Using this refreshing serum has done wonders for me sensitive skin! I love how there are no nasties- just pure, natural and well thought ingredients not to mention an environmentally friendly product!!
    This serum is so heavenly and feels nourishing to my skin. One of the most impressive serums I have come across!!

  15. Josephine

    WOW! This product was recommended by a friend. It did not disappoint. It completely took away my red patches on my face. It makes your skin feel so plump and hydrated. I love that it’s non toxic. I have used a few serums over the years but I will be sticking with Osmondsaint from now on. Cannot recommend this product enough!

  16. Nicola

    This serum is by far the most refreshing product I have used. The scent and smoothness makes you feel like you’ve had a facial each night. I used it on the plane when I get very dry skin, and my face looked hydrated after a long flight. Love that it’s all natural too.

  17. Paul

    Osmond Saint is your face and skin saviour. Awesome product, supported by a great team who could answer all of my questions. Definitely recommend.

  18. Bella

    I love this serum. I use it everyday in the morning and before bed. As soon as I put it on my skin, I can feel it’s cooling effects and also it makes my skin smother without giving an oily effect.
    This summer I used it everyday and honestly I can’t suggest a better serum that is so calming for my skin. Love the smell too so fresh.

    Thank you Osmond Saint for making a dream product. Love all the organic ingredients in this product as well.

  19. Chris

    I was suggested to use this product post laser treatment at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. This product definitely soothes, heales and calms my skin. Then I double up as a serum. I’d buy again. I like that it is multitasking and I don’t need to use multiple products.

  20. Jo

    Being Scottish I burn so quickly. This has been my after sun go to as it’s packed with cooling, soothing and hydrating ingredients. I also love the uv repair it has in it. I enquired to the team and they got back to me really quickly.

  21. B.

    My skin soaks up this product, it feels like silk and is completely hydrated all day. Thankful for trying the serum and delighted with the results – I now incorporate this into my daily routine and wont stop!!

  22. Anita

    Absolutely LOVE this serum! I have tried so many products over the years and find that they just dry my skin out & make me feel dull. This serum is super hydrating & so refreshing, it was my absolute saviour while travelling! I always use this product before bed and I especially love that you can still feel it on your face the next morning ♥️

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