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Our Story

Osmond Saint, nestled in the Adelaide Hills, is a boutique beauty and wellness brand that combines nature’s ancient wisdom with modern science. Inspired by the timeless principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we aim to create skincare that fits today’s lifestyles, through our philosophy of less for more without compromising on results. We advocate for consistency and ritual in daily skincare rituals, all while adhering to clean, ethical, and sustainable practices.

Our award-winning range is carefully formulated with the finest quality natural ingredients, ensuring each product is both effective and gentle, reflecting our core values of calm, connection, and giving.

At Osmond Saint, we’re committed to promoting well-being, respecting Mother Earth, and fostering community connections beyond our products. Our commitment guarantees that our products are ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Beyond our products, our ethos offers a mindful and intentional approach to self-care. We aim to make individuals aware of the ingredients in their skincare, ensure they feel confident in their skin with effective, conscious, and calming products, offer holistic education, and contribute back to the wider community.

The Osmond Saint promise is to deliver better skin and better communities, helping create a world full of giving.

Founder Story

The essence of Osmond Saint stems from the personal healing journey of our founder, Jelena Jacobs, affectionately known as Jay. Raised amidst the natural expanse of South Australia’s outback, Jay’s early struggles with gut and skin issues propelled her on a global quest for answers. Her pivotal discovery of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda unveiled the healing power of nature, sparking not just personal relief but a mission to share these solutions with the world.

This revelation fueled Jay’s passion for helping others, leading her to create skincare products that offered more than surface-level benefits. Osmond Saint emerged as a testament to her journey, embodying a commitment to clean, effective, and sustainable beauty. Jay’s vision extends far beyond skincare; she is deeply invested in holistic wellness, advocating for a “less is more” philosophy and the profound connection between body, mind, and soul.

At the heart of Osmond Saint is the desire to foster calm skin, connection, and giving. Jay believes in the collective power of community and the importance of nurturing relationships beyond products. Her approach champions nature’s healing abilities, offering self-care rituals that contribute to a healthier central nervous system and overall well-being.

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