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September 22, 2023

Feeling the blues? Let’s learn and embrace our way back to alignment


Life is a beautiful tapestry of experiences, filled with moments of joy and contemplation. Feeling the blues is a natural part of this intricate journey. In our journal edit, we invite you (as we express our own feelings) to explore the concept of experiencing the blues, discover how we can proactively address it, and learn the art of simplifying our lives to overcome the obstacles that hinder our path to holistic wellness and overall calm.

Understanding the Blues
Within the depths of our souls, we sometimes find ourselves immersed in emotions that paint our world with shades of melancholy. It is important to recognise that feeling the blues is actually an integral part of the human experience. We cannot always be in a high-energy and positive mindset. However, we must know that the blues do not define us but rather provide an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. They are trying to teach us and guide us back to alignment with our true selves and our own value system.

Nurturing Our Inner Harmony
At Osmond Saint, we believe in the transformative power of intentional living. By crafting purposeful days, we can cultivate inner harmony and find solace amidst the blues. Engaging in activities that bring us joy, prioritising self-care rituals, saying NO more often to align with our authentic selves, and cherishing moments without distractions with our loved ones can significantly enhance our overall well-being. These basics lie at the foundation of ultimate health and a calm nervous system, where all ills are the root cause from.

Simplifying for Serenity
The path to holistic wellness often requires us to simplify our lives and remove the clutter and noise that hinder our progress. By quieting down the noise and minimising the clutter of our physical and mental spaces, we create room for clarity, calm, and serenity. Identifying and prioritizing the essential aspects of our lives allows us to focus on what truly matters, paving the way for personal growth and contentment. If you’re feeling out of alignment, ask yourself why and be honest about what you need to do to take responsibility. Remember, self-care is not selfish as long as you simplify, adjust, and create boundaries with kindness.

Embracing Change and Belief
Embracing change and nurturing belief in our own potential is paramount to experiencing true happiness. It all begins with a shift in our mindset, an awakening of awareness, and the unwavering discipline required to face our fears head-on and embrace change with ease. By courageously stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing the unknown, we unlock the doors to personal transformation and fulfillment. Are we too scared to pursue happiness, always doing what we’ve always done and expecting change? Isn’t that insanity? You deserve the change you wish to see within yourself, so start by being the change you wish to see and watch the universe deliver quicker than you thought. We have seen this happen for ourselves and are still learning as we go. We want to share our own experiences, learnings, and challenges in working on ourselves. After all, how can you be of service to others then?

You do have what it takes, but you just need to be hungry enough to get there. Start with writing it down. Journaling has been proven to bring benefits in terms of mental clarity and help work through whatever is on your mind. Studies have shown that expressive writing, such as journaling, can help reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Rochester found that individuals who journaled for just 15-20 minutes a day experienced a significant decrease in stress levels.

Before you go, here are some extra journal prompts for you. These prompts will help you realise that you have gotten through the blues in the past, provide new insights into ways you may have gotten off track, or help you become the person who helps others get back on their own track.

– Have you ever found yourself feeling down or experiencing the blues? How did you navigate through it?
– How do you plan your days to ensure a healthy balance between work, self-care, and leisure activities?
– What aspects of your life do you find most challenging to simplify, and how do they impact your overall well-being?

With love, until next time. Love, light, and blessings to you, Saints! Thank you for reading!


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