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Osmond Saint Skincare Australia is a boutique beauty and wellness brand. We strive to make a positive impact on the world through our commitment to giving back and achieving ultimate skin calmness. Our products are formulated using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, using only the finest quality natural Australian and French ingredients.

Our philosophy is that less is truly more. By focusing on the essentials and using only the purest ingredients, we aim to help our customers achieve radiant, glowing skin. We carefully designed our product range to be effective and safe for the whole family, especially those with sensitive skin.

We are here to assist people in being conscious of the ingredients in skincare, help people feel comfortable in their own skin with effective, conscious, and calming products, provide holistic education, and give back.

The Osmond Saint promise is better skin, better communities, making it an all-around feel-good winner.

We’re shaking up the skincare industry by offering a straightforward, result-driven product that eliminates needless steps.

With every serum purchase, Osmond Saint gives back 33% of its profits to B1G1, where 100% of the proceeds go towards giving projects.

Our Founder – Founder Story

The woman behind the brand is Jelena Jacobs (who is known to all by Jay). Born and raised in the outback of South Australia as an only child, as she grew up and hit her teenage years, she started experiencing a mixture of gut and skin issues that led her on a quest to research effective approaches to resolve her gut and skin troubles.

After traveling the globe, speaking with numerous specialists in the medical industry, and still being unable to find simple, effective, and long-lasting skincare products, she turned to a holistic approach. After scouring the depths of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, Jay finally found certain natural ingredients that work harmoniously to cool and soothe her gut health and nourish, protect and calm her skin, ultimately achieving that desired inner and outer glow.

By combining these ingredients that worked for her, Jay was inspired to start creating skincare for her family and friends. Utilising these combinations of natural and clean ingredients, they were able to achieve the same desired results, boosting the health and confidence of others too. Soon after, Osmond Saint was born.

Jay’s passion is to simplify the cosmetics industry, continue holistically educating others, and give back to the broader community in need through serum purchases. Her courage and belief in supporting and highlighting ingredients already found within Mother Nature have allowed Osmond Saint to become a leading voice and ambassador for change within the cosmetics industry and a pioneer for other businesses to join the B1G1 movement to create a world full of giving.

The Osmond Saint Values


Our values are more important than everything else for our business. Our decisions, our partnerships, and our strategy are all grounded in values. At OS, we are an ethical organization that puts our customers first with the choice of premium ingredients for our products.


In a world riddled with choices at every corner and myriads of options, here at OS, we are fully determined to simplify the choices for our customers. We focus on a few very targeted products that correspond to our target audience’s needs. We are on a mission to simplify the cosmetics world by simplifying our products. Our products contain only a few select ingredients, and our passion for changing the industry’s status quo means we always put you first and foremost.


OS is not afraid to leave the easy road and take the difficult path. You might call it leadership, integrity, or fearless pursuit of truth: we know that this is what drives us every day. It is the courage to choose the right products without compromising on quality, the courage to partner with associations that align with our own in terms of ethos, and the courage to do the right thing all the time at all costs.


People are the single most important thing. At the heart of everything we do are people, our community, our beloved ones, our friends, and our family. At OS, we are all about them. We are much more than a business; we are a social movement with the clear intent to impact and ‘give back’ to our community.

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